Indios Bravos

"Indios Bravos" is the fourth album in the history of the band Indios Bravos. Ten years after its debut it was time for a change. Artists not recorded an album in a duet, and a team that over the years supports band on concerts.

The band's music has changed from what at the beginning called cyber-reggae, evolved form of specific, difficult to clearly classify. Pulsation reggae and rock expression, a little melancholy blues and jazz improvisation. Poetic lyrics and sometimes soothing, sometimes pugnacious singing Gutek. Guitar riffs and psychedelic keyboards. Such music could not be longer record at home, would not have worked here programmed drums and synthetic bass. There could be a record in the classic, studio way - first batch of drums, then another instrument. Here was needed human interaction, common clocking rate and joint responses to it, like your a solo guitarist develops.

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