The Best of Yugopolis DELUXE

Maciej Maleńczuk, Paul Kukiz, Mark Piekarczyk, Alfonso Staszczyk ... and other electrifying names on one disc! The publication includes a cross-sectional material selected from the best-selling albums "Yugopolis - Sunny side of the city" and "Yugopolis 2", enriched with several flavors in the form of exceptional acoustic version of last year's "Yugopolis - without electricity".

"The city wakes up", "The last bat", "Where are my friends?" Or "Rarely, I see you with girls" ... - virtually every song on this album has the status of timeless hit, who knows every Pole. To the icing on the cake - new track Maleńczuk "Servant for szlugi" of the controversial text, which very accurately refers to the current situation in Ukraine and Russia. The song successfully debuted on the charts 7. Three, and the video during the week exceeded 150 000 views on YouTube. A special edition of the album released in exclusive digipack and a bonus disc DVD!

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